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Schedule of Practical Counselling sessions for different courses of BSCG Programmes

21 November, 2022

Dear learner,
Please check the details of the practical schedule for BSCG(CBCS) Programme on the website of RC Kolkata (http://rckolkatta.ignou.ac.in/).The learner of 2810 and 2813 are advised to register for the courses other than Geography and Geology at their own Study Centre respectively. The learners opted Geology course are advised to contact at  Study Centre 28158 (Asutosh College) and the learners opted Geography may contact SC 28160  (Prabhu Jagatbandhu College, Mouri, Andul, Howrah) for  registration to the said courses only. 
The registration starts from 10th to 20th September, 2022.
The learners already completed the practical exams for the above courses may please ignore the message.






1.Geography (SC 28160)

2.Geography (SC 28160)

3. BBYCL (SC2810)

4. BCHCL (SC 2810)

5. BPHCL (SC 2810)

6. BZYCL (SC 2810)

7. Geology (SC 2810)

8. SC 2813

9. SC 2809

10. BBYEL144 (SC 2810)