26 October, 2020

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Online support services to PGDFSQM students

8 May, 2020

Dear Learners,

Hope you are well and safe. We pray for your well being .

The online Counselling session at the following link:

1.       Web Counselling on 8.5.2020 at 3.00PM on ISO 9001 2000 Google Meet

Link  https://meet.google.com/cdu-dwzh-ghn/ 

Link https://meet.google.com/cdu-dwzh-ghn


Kindly watch following

2.      Food Fortification  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akU4xetG32A

3.      Macro & Micro Nutrients https://youtu.be/XzCGonFs0k0 



5.      Request to complete your Assignments / Assignment on Regulations / Synopsis 

6.      Request for Feedback, Voluntary Lecture on any topic  and Inputs on any subject.   Request to keep check on IGNOU Website for update please. The University has postponed the  June 2020 Term End examination scheduled from 1st June 2020 and continue your preparation for examination. A  notice regarding examination will be given at least 15 days in advance. Please visit IGNOU Website for latest update.